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Setting up transporation to take your kid to multiple doctors visits when you can't drive

I have had a huge amount of people ask me how do I set up transportation with Medicaid and get transportation to and from doctors visits

I have to go to Grand Rapids Michigan to Mary Free bed to start Bella's treatments we need to go 2 times per week and as you know traveling just 45 minutes back and forth can add up in gas cost wise. 

I simply called the back of the Medicaid card and listen to the options and hit the number for the transportation.

If you need transportation to appointments and are on Medicaid this link has a lot of information on how to get a ride to your doctor's visits. Myrides2.com

Since we are going to Bella’s play therapy today I figured I would share this post because so many of you have asked how to do this. I wasn’t told about it either until I needed services. I have run into so many people during my doctor's visits in the waiting area just asked how I managed to get rides or they see my blog and have seen the post about how I used transportation to get from where I live to Ann Arbor which is a 2-hour drive. They also do gas reimbursements.

It requires planning and making sure you have name and address of where you are heading to and phone numbers of doctors offices and you can only get picked up at home and to the appointment.

I hope this has answered some questions. 

Do you use transportation to and from doctors appointments?   The only place you can not use transportaion to is to dental appoitments.

#SpeakUp2017-speakers and writers conference-Blog Hop

#SpeakUp2017-speakers and writers conference-Blog Hop

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