22q at the zoo Grand Rapids Michigan 22q-awareness day

Hello everyone,

It is almost that time of year again. 22q at the zoo event 

Every year around the world people who have 22q get together both adults and children can have 22q and family's gather to connect with each other.

In Michigan, there was three events, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. Our family lives near Grand Rapids in Otsego, and we used to live in Grand Rapids, in fact, Bella was born at Hellen Devos Children's hospital that is why we decided to attend the Grand Rapids Michigan zoo.  Back when I lived in Grand Rapids, I couldn't find anyone else close by to form a support groupBack a few years ago not as many families in Michigan were being diagnosed with having 22q.  I didn't know any other family's who had 22q or a child with 22q in Michigan let alone the area where we used to live.


In Grand Rapids, we met at John Ball Zoo outside in the picnic area.  Our family has been to John Ball Zoo a few times for field trips and family fun days, so we decided not to go inside the zoo since we been there done that. Our family after meeting and chatting with everyone for a few hours went to Craig's Cruisers instead after we met and talked with everyone for a few hours. I was very excited because I got to meet two ladies who I had talked with online before in a Michigan support group and had a great time getting to know another woman as well. I'm leaving names out for privacy reasons. But I will show the pictures. Ibelieve pictures say a thousand words. My husband is in the photo behind Bella and me decided to pose a picture with one of the ladies I met.

Words can no describe how everyone is feeling so I think ending the post with some pictures from 22q at the Zoo can express part of how well all of us connected with one another over a common bond.