Offering hope

I wanted to write something to my readers and say thank you to all of the people who have stood by us as we grew from a blog to this website.

We couldn't have done it with out you.

I started the parenting mentor journey 4 years ago but my 22q journey started back when I was 21 years old and first diagnosed after my family found out my father and 3 siblings have 22q.

I at 24 years old after knowing I had 22q for 4 years gave birth to the most amazing girl and I knew what to expect I knew the challenges I might face I anticipated hypocalciuma, dr visits, and isolation being a adult with 22q who is raising a child with 22q but one thing I didn't give up on was hope though it all.

My parent mentoring journey has offered me that hope as I provided information, resources and tools to new parents I too am discovering new support group.  I have a facebook fan page where you can ask questions and find answers from someone with personal first hand experience living with 22q and raising a family with 22q and is a sibling and daughter of someone with 22q. I offer a unique perspective which was something I didn't realize until I started mentoring other parents.  Consider this my personal thank you note to all of you for staying by our sides and following our journey.  I only ask that you not be shy and say hi and drop a like comment or share if you are reading anything that you find yes me too or I have been there or I'm going though that now.   I am growing social media channels and this website not only for myself to find support but for all of you too.