The story of how I met my husband.

How Adam and I met: Together since Feb 23, 2005

Adam and I were on a social networking website called "Net friendships", which predates MySpace and Facebook by 2 years.  We met in a chatroom after a mutual friend of ours introduced us.  Our mutual friend was worried about me and said Adam could answer some of my faith based questions. My friend was concerned and wanted to help me talk with someone about my struggling faith.

 I decided after a while to give Adam a phone call after we had a conversation online. I was living in Toronto, Ontario Canada at the time I had a conversation with Adam that last for 8 hours it was an expensive cellphone bill. I was working as an area sales reps for one of my jobs and even with the discounts of working as a Rogers Area Sales Rep selling cellphones, cable and internet. I still racked up a expensive phone bill.

Adam and I talked for months for about 6 hours each night about everything and anything I found my best friend someone who got me.

For my birthday that year Adam couldn’t afford to come visit and see me so I went to visit him and when we met.

Ever since that day we stood by one another.  We have struggled a lot with my immigration issues, t financial issues and even sometimes communication breakdown issues. The man who help me understand God and faith was the man I didn’t ever want to loose and still don’t want to let go of 11 years later. The birth of our child and my health scares he been there helping me up though all of it.   My husband and I met online. We were friends at first, but over time we connected emotionally and he became a shoulder for me when I was having a hard time struggling with faith in general. After we chatted one night he said “Do you see the wind?"   I said “No.” He then ask "Can you feel the wind and see the effect the it has on the world around you?” I replied " Yes, I see that everyday." Adam had just explained to me how God works in our life's. From then on we had long conversations and chatted on the phone for hours. He lived in Michigan and I lived in Toronto. A friend we both had in common at the time connected us. 

Adam:" I remember the date it was the was Feb 23rd, 2005. She got off the bus and stole my heart. You walked over to me said "HI!" I pulled you close, held you tight in my arms and kiss you before I could say a word."

When I did meet him we had a magical kiss at the Grey Hound station when I got off the bus. We attended a church service the first week I was there and I felt so overwhelmed with emotions that I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, so I talked with a pastor at the church and started attending regularly.

I was baptized a few months later after we went back to Canada and grabbed my things. We now have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and we have been together since 2005. We got married in 2006 and Bella was born in 2007. His 3 children instantly took to me and we all get along really great. Most of the time that is. It has been a pleasure watching them grow into young adults.

 My faith journey is intertwined with my love journey Adam isn’t only my lover he is my best friend and has saved my life a few times he stood by me though medication over dose attempts and hospitalizations and my faith struggles and he has been my anchor though all of these years. I wanted to share this post about how we met because I want to express my love for him and how appreciative I am for all he does for our family. The anniversary date of the day we met at the Grey Hound Bus station in Grand Rapids Michigan is a day I will never forget. I am looking forward to many more years together with my best friend.

Thank you for reading.