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Seasons greetings from the Ripsam Family

Seasons greetings from the Ripsam Family

Greetings from the Ripsam family (kids are not pictured here) We had a sitter and went out for our 11 year wedding anniversary!

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Instead of getting gifts at Christmas for each other or anniversary gifts we spend it on going out to eat at our favorite restaurant and we saw the new Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Adam of course always orders steak and I ordered Lobster. I have to say it was very good food and we had a great time together kid free.  A friend of ours babysat for us and we fully took our time eating.

I have not done a rambling post in a while but this time of year a lot of thoughts roll around in my head about family, life and goals for our future.

Taking the time to go on date nights allows for us to focus on our future goals and gives us something to look forward too.

That was why it was important we got Married before the New Year having depression and anxiety having something to stay focused on that is good is key to getting past the holidays.

My younger brother passed and my grandfather passed and grief pops up around this time of year for me the winter months I have more time to think then I do any other time of the year and the cold keeps me indoors usually alone with my thoughts while hubby is at work and the rest of the family off at work or school.

  Being a stay at home mom is a struggle. Its not all eating candy in front of the tv but clearly as you can see that did happen it wasn't candy mostly chips in my defense. I will own that I had a hard time after I had the gasteroparies diagnoses and carbs became something that was not only easy for me to digest but was comforting for me on flareups days.

I have come a long way since and even running once a week. I'll work up to two or three days a week but that fact I am doing one day a week is huge for me. The doctors told me not to run because of the pain that would go on my joints. I am making small changes here and there and notice it helps with depression and anxiety levels. when I work out. I have been trying hard to find balance in the mix of it all. From self care such as working out at the gym running and focuing on weight loss to become healthier is another challenge to over come. I am also turning 35 in Feb and you know other then raising Bella and having a 11 year marriage I'm not sure what else I have accomplished.

Usually there is the stress of Christmas this year was very little stress infarct it was one of the simpler years but it was more meaning full because the first time in our marriage we are comfortable financially where we could do Christmas with out assistant of any kind. 

If you had asked me the same time last year if I would be saying this I am almost sure I would tell you we almost didn't make it. The stress on a marriage of having special needs and raising a child with health issues on top of your own issues is a challenge and exhausting.

My immigration oreal is almost behind us and moving forward in the the most positive direction that too I would have told you would not have happen either but it is moving along well. Originally born and raised in Toronto living in a small town in Michigan has many challenges from trying to connect with the locals being a stay at home mom makes that even more of a challenge being a stay at home mom to a 10 year old is almost unheard of .  35 this year is also a time of self reflection or a early mid life crisis. 

I sure hope that don't happen having Adam at my side even though he is at work while we attend the many appointments or I clean and cook and do the things us moms have to do I know there is someone there who has my back most days. We have had our ups and downs this past year but to be honest I think that down and up stuff brings us closer together.

One picture of our dinner date and then I'll stop with the ramblings that are going though my mind this is a year of growth for sure for our family. I see so many positive changes coming and I am looking forward to the path God will take Adam and I and of course our family on.

Thank you all for following along our journey.

This new year you can look forward to more YouTube videos, Podcast and other forms of postings in the Facebook fan page, Twitter and Instagram. 

I am even starting to write again with a focus on a book. I have always had that sitting on my hard drive collecting dust doing nothing with it but taking  a year off from writing meeting new people and having more experiences has given me the time to allow God to direct my focus and journey. 

Until next time keep pressing forward and know you are not alone.




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