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22 things you need to know about me

22 things you need to know about me


22 things you need to know about me

Top 22 things you need to know about me


Hello everyone!

As you know it is November and we are spreading awareness all month long.

Today’s post is 22 things you need to know about me


  1. I too have 22q deletion syndrome yes the lady who is running this blog is diagnosed with 22q I was diagnosed before I had Bella when I was 21 years old. I am 34 and I had Bella when I was 24 years old. I was married that same year to Adam to whom I am still married too.

  2. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Michigan when I was 21 we first lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Now we live in a small town and we have had a incredible journey between there and we we live now. I will write about that in another blog post

  3. I never learned how to drive I had access to public transportation and I did not need to learn how to drive then. Now I do need to learn how to drive which I will be doing so soon.

  4. I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years I am soon able to figure out what I want to do and find a focus on what I would like to do for a career.

  5. I did a hairstylist apprenticeship when I was in high school which lead me to many jobs working in hair salons one of which was for a hair stylist that catered to celebs

  6. I started this blog/website about 5 years ago and I have since grown from my unedited blog ramblings to this website you see here. I learned how to do it all on my own. I do have my husband help with the techy support stuff because my blog when it hit it high plateau was hacked and traffic was stolen and another site was created using the same domain. I was heartbroken and didn’t blog for a while but I learned some very valuable lesson in internet security. Dns settings and all that internet coding lingo that is why you see so many changes here and there but we are staying put right where we are and we are not going anywhere any time soon.. I have a lot of mini projects on the side that I am dying to show you all but it will all come together when the timing is right.

  7. I tend to learn things the hard way. I will usually go the long way around before I get to the objective of my goals maybe I like to be certain of how things are done so much that is what happens. I have been a lot better at not getting into my way

  8. I am a wife and step mom to three young adults it has been fun watching them all grow and mature into functional adults.

  9. I love to dance and sing even though I can not sing

  10. I had had a difficult childhood filled with abuse and torture and neglect. I have overcome all of it and raising my own child busting my own butt being too hard on myself making sure she gets everything I never had

  11. This list of 22 things is more harder to do then I thought it would be

  12. I am going through the immigration process and will write about it all one day

  13. Our family had to live with friends for a year and we got on our feet and are no longer in the poverty level

  14. I was baptized in 2007 just before Bella was born

  15. Bella is the only birth I ever had. I don’t plan on giving birth to any more children

  16. I ran my first 5k last year with Bella in girls on the run and I am training to do it faster this year last year I was just glad that I completed the 5k without dying

  17. I have a step brother a half sister a half brother and another half brother but he passed away from this disorder when he was 6 years old

  18. I am disowned by my father and my daughter has no clue who her grandpa is

  19. Bella has been to Toronto when she was younger

  20. I have 22q

  21. I am not 22q

  22. I write to share hope and use my writing as an outlet.


I thank all of you for taking the time to read my blog post. Stay tune for next Thursday I will post about 22 things about Bella.

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