Review- Office supplies- InkJoy® Pens- A Smiley360 Product test

I received products for free in exchange for my 100% honest reviews.

My opinion of a product will not change if I receive it for free or with a discount for reviewing it.

Review- Office supply- InkJoy® Pens- A Smiley360 Product test



The Paper Mate InkJoy  Pen Product test/review for Smiley360  by Amanda Ripsam


The quality of how the tips of this retractable pens will write is pretty average. I was trying to write on the smily360 card to put my blog name in the photo and after a while the Inc dryed out so the pen worked well on paper but not on something like the Smiley360 book mark.  I liked the color choices. typical Red, Black, Blue, Then the fun colors as my 7 year old says about the mocha, magenta, orange, Green and purple. I like the medium point. I think the retractable pen with the comfort grip I would have preferred better. Maybe more of a grip would have allowed for more pressure to write on the book mark ?  The book mark was almost the same material like a cardboard. I am glad the pen worked much better but the  Inc on my purple pen is all gone. Purple pens are my favorite colors next to the blue pens.

My three step kids who are teens are always asking to borrow a pen and love the retractable colored Inc Joy Pens the most.

  I now have to spend my own money because the 5 dollar gift card wasn’t enough to  buy a few more packs of pens for all 4 kids plus hubby.

Instead of being the product tester, I have turned into the product purchaser.

Knowing me I will stock up on the pens when they are on sale right now I found a good deal at Meijers, Wall-Mart and Target prices ranged from under 2 dollars to almost 5 dollars for a package of 8.  I am going to wait until back to school when the pens go on sale to stock up.

 My 7 year old is now asking me if she can have her own package of pens to take with her to school and with the 5 dollar Wal-Mart gift card I was able to get her a pack of her own.

I wish I had a 5 dollar gift card to give to a few other people that would have been much more fun especially being a blogger.

The older kids will have to share my pens for now I don’t mind as long as they don’t take off with them.

My husband loves the colored pens for work and he says we need to get more Inc Joy Pens.  My home is full of creative teens and a high energy creative 7 year old so the colored pens are a hit they all love to doodle.

I like that Inc Joy also sell the regular black, blue and red packs and there are even some pens with wavy designs but I prefer the clear colored pens. I couldn’t find any really girly pens in the Inc Joy brand to keep the boys from nabbing my pens but I am sure I can find a pretty pen topper some place.

Over all 4 out of 5 Stars.


List of Bella’s diagnoses

1294264_10153211238560375_905773785_oThis is Bella looks like your typical 7 year old right ? while she has 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and mild form of cerebral palsy.

Often online I get conversations asked and started with does your kid have any of the issues associated with velo-cardio-facial syndrome with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and the answer is yes but very mild in how she compares to my siblings and father who has it. I too have it my issues tend to mostly be with stomach issues as I have gasteroparies

I hope this list helps others with the answer to this question.

Velo-Cardio-facial syndrome with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

Otorrhagia of right ear

perferferation of tympanic membrane


restless sleeper- do to restless leg syndrome and low iron levels

mild form of cerebral palsy – tightness behind back of legs and foot wears leg braces for treatment but does not need to wear them all the time just when at home doctor does not want her  in them at school.

Bella has Vpi – she speaks though her nose and has three small dents in her palate that cause her to have air go up her nose

Large tonsils but helps prevent the air going up her nose

Adhd both physical and emotional diagnosed at age 4 with a neuro evaluation at the hospital

Hypersnality which correlates with vpi issues  we will be attending western intensive speech therapy

Spells that look like sieuzres but are not and she is to never have seizure med.  Triggers are temperature dis regulation and sensory processing over stimulation or extreme exhaustion

Low iron levels

Low average iq but not below average (she is very smart and just needs the right help to get task completed)

Bed wet’s at night ( were working on this with starting with gasterologist this Feb )

sensory processing disorder

Possiable language processing disorder which we will find out more when we attend western

constipation chronic

behind in both fine and gross motor skills

wears eye glasses for her stigimation ( we got though at least 5 pairs every year but insurance only covers two)

Needs Ot and Pt services other then at school to help work out knots behind her knees and tightness in foot and legs

has crowns in upper and lower teeth do to cavities from having her anti seizure med ( when we thought she was having seizures we flavored her med and that got stuck in the back between places of her mouth she currently has four crowns and will need to get two more done in the summer

The list of doctors Bella has is litterly from head to toe for almost all body parts.

We see the craino team at u of M (Michigan )

we see the team at rambling roads ped in kalamazoo Michigan

If you would like a more detailed explaintion of what each of the terms are please leave a comment in the comment box or email me. I’ll be happy to assist any way I can in helping you under stand what Bella endures.


Bella has ear infection and sinus infection

This is Bella

Merry Christmas and happy New year.


Bella has been a trooper this year and doing so well with handling doctors visits we even had a snow day in the mix of it all. I’m looking forward to being back on routine next week. I’m going to attempt to get all the appointments needed for the month set up for both her and I.

Bella stayed home Thursday and Friday because she had a mini spell where her eyes did a flutter and she was just not doing well at all. This stuff is hard on her system to handle I wish educators and doctors would look up 22q11.2 deletion velocardiofacial syndrome digeorge syndrome, vcfs, 22q. I wish they would understand how mild her ceberal palsy and all of the above effects her ablity to perform and not perform in school. There are no two people with this syndrome who have this who are alike and that makes trying to find the right plan that much more challenging.

That’s why this blog is something I’m so passionate about it’s to help other people who are out there so they don’t feel the isolating feelings my daughter feels in the class room. I remember crying that no one wanted to play with me.

I too had many doctors visits but this year we are doing well and there isn’t that many absents. Not even really at 10 if you don’t count the first week she had some lateness because of her social issues getting in the way and she did the protest of her not wanting to be at school.

I am thinking I might as well just start making the appointments for any time I can get because I’m dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t and I refuse to allow my child to be medically neglected like I was when I was growing up. I also refuse to allow her to fail and fall behind just to be pushed though the education system my daughter will not fall though the cracks.

I’m looking for a way to balance the medical needs vs the educational needs and if anyone has that balance button it would sure be nice to have right about now. Educational and medical needs are not the only issues she needs addressed it’s social and emotional.  I only get her a few hours at night and on the weekends do you know what times doctors offices operate that’s right same hours schools operate.  I’m going to work and do my best and if that’s not enough then it’s not enough I’m not going to be shaking and hiding nor will I be quiet. This is my quiet place yes (my blog) but I am going to stand up for myself and my daughter like I did last year, the year before and two years before that. ( we have had Bella in some kind of school setting since she was 18 months old)   She’s has a Iep and is mainstream in regular large class settings. I am thinking it’s time to start planning a change to help her and others who are struggling like her.

Did you ever have a experience like ours ? if so feel free to share details in the comments about how you managed to cope with it?



Quote for 2015-  I love this it’s like my vision board which I am working on creating.

balanceI really love this quote. I think it’s fitting on where I’m heading for 2015.  My focus  so far has been on cleaning out the old and replacing negative stuff with the new positive stuff.

I am only focusing on what is good and what feeds my soul.

What’s your favorite quote for this year ? Where do you think this year is heading for you?

let me know in the comments below.

Top 25 things to achieve in 2015, New years goals,

Top 25 things to achieve in 2015, New years goals,

Stream of Consciousness – #SOCWeekend #blogging #freewriting



Stream of Consciousness – #SOCWeekend #blogging #freewriting-

Blogger, Amanda Ripsam

Blogger, Amanda Ripsam

This post has been inspired by Love, Jaime’s Stream of Consciousness Challenge. The assignment is to write freely for 5 minutes. I have wanted to try something like this for a while and I am happy to join in.

Topic what’s on my mind.
10:00 pm- 10:05 pm
Wait it’s the 12th of January all ready. Was I in a fog the first part of the month?
Where did the time go? I want my time back. I have been feeling energetic and motivated one moment and then very exhausted and can hardly handle the gasteroparies the next minute. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sunday I missed out on church because usually be the end of the week I am spent on whatever project I been focused on for that week. This week was cleaning and de-cluttering. We also have a soft spot that is starting to leak in our roof. The repair guy checked it out and said that as long as it does not start to leak water we are ok. He did manage to fix our cupboard tracks so the cupboards now stay put and fixed the lazy susan. So far so good but the snow is making a soft spot and I’m rather annoying that they can’t fix it until spring or the snow starts to melt I want to get up and do this or that. I started the 14 week cleaning and de-cluttering challenge they have in a face book group and I found that to be a great start to my new year to get me moving even hubby helped with organizing the kitchen and he was so glad to help see post here ( now that the kitchen is clean the next room is the laundry room while living in a two bedroom apartment I don’t own a laundry room. I have a area for storage down where the washer and dryer are but there isn’t anything to do down there. I have laundry piled up high that I been putting off because 1 I have to fight for washing machine time with 12 other people who live in this apartment complex and 2 there are only two washers for all 12 of use to share mind you there isn’t only 12 but each of the apartments have a few other people living in them as well. So when a person get’s the change to get to the machines they take either all day or half the day to do a few loads of laundry for the week. The laundry mat is in a close by town but you know I can’t drive and get there unless hubby takes me and he and I can’t ever seem to get on the same schedule with his work hours and my hours I am left to fend for myself in the world of laundry and fighting my limits and everyone else that has the energy to beat me to the laundry room. I am frustrated that my stomach gives out on me and there isn’t much I can do not able to qualify for any type of surgery because of my esophagus I have to lose weight and I can’t because I can barely get 900 calories in me a day. I do a lot of soups and smoothies and juicing. I can eat one day normal but it all sits in my gut for days at a time and now my stomach decides that it’s time to get up and go to the bathroom. I know tmi but it’s whatever is on our minds and my mind sometimes can be a scary place.
Times up

Want to participate? The rules….

1. Set a timer for five minutes. (Or keep tabs with your computer’s clock.)

2. Write freely. Any topic. Whatever is on your mind. It doesn’t even have to be completely cohesive.

3. Tag on social media with #SOCSaturday or #SOCSunday and link up below. You have all day Saturday and Sunday to join the link up. It closes Monday morning.

4. Click around and give some comment/blog love.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday (or Sunday!)


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Kitchen wish list- Dream kitchen



Hubby and I a few years ago.


Hubby and I spent 3 hours in the kitchen organizing cupboards cabinets and drawers oh and the pantry and top of fridge. Tomorrow is microwave, inside fridge and wiping cabinets we lived here for two years finally going to start making it ours. The process was frustrating for me as I had to explain what all was in my head. Hubby was a good sport about it and listened to my many short girl issues I have with our kitchen. He put things up high that I could care less about if they were up high or not. We worked on a project side by side with tears in my eyes facing reality this is Home. I was in my own grumpiness saying how  I hated my kitchen. My Kitchen our kitchen. It took two years for this reality of being home to sink in. For years it was always someone kitchen we had lived in someone else home in fact two someone else’s homes until just two years ago. We have both come a long way in 8 years. I am glad to have stood by and grown with my hubby.

I would have shared before photos by my camera was in the cupboards being kept in a safe spot so I could find it. I have my camera and now I can share with you some new photos of what the clean organized kitchen looks like.


Fridge cleaned even top of it. The Tessimo moved to it’s new place and the dishes were from just that nights dinner.


Found a way to use the cupboards that are long and narrow inside. The papers on the door is a list of what I can’t eat do to gasteroparies. I have a list of rules for when it time for kids to do kitchen so they know what’s expected.


clean sink, clean counters, Lazy susan does not close but I have pot’s and wok in there.


instead of food in the cupboards we moved it to the shelves making it a pantry. Microwave is next to it and bathroom on other side of wall.

There you have it. I do think I need some more kitchen appliances I got rid of some and I think it’s time to add some ones that I can enjoy using every day.  Here is a list just to keep track of the things I would like to buy in the future.

  • Mixer
  • Juicer
  • Keurig to replace the Tessimo
  • baking pans
  • new pots and pans
  • mixing bowls
  • cooking utensils
  • silverware ( there is a spoon monster that is probably hiding out with the sock monster.
  • I need baskets square ones to store things in that are in the fridge
  • flower, sugar jars
  • wall decals I can’t paint but I found some nice wall decals online I would love
  • Kitchen table so we can eat as a family but I have to find a small one I seem to only be able to find card table sizes or larger family sizes I want a medium size
  • aprons
  • hotpads
  • kitchen towels
  • new rice cooker it was up high and it fell and cracked it’s put together still by ducktape
  • griddle
  • george forman

Maple leaf cookie cutters my friends suggest I need to do Canadian theme since  I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario Canada and live in Michigan maybe a blend of both worlds would be nice. Who knows maybe someday I’ll get lucky enough to review some items I really want and enjoy some blogging perks. :)

What is on your wish list for your kitchen ?


I penned this for a poetry contest I had to make a poem about a Macy’s day parade character

Garfield- By Amanda Ripsam

Garfield first day of work

I am a fat lazy cat
Only hoping to take a nap

There are billions of people
Screaming at me
I am a lazy guy,
What is there for them to see?

Up and up and a way I float
everyone thinks
Waking up kitty is such
A joke

I am not laughing
I’m oh no ….
I’m losing oxygen
Falling to the ground

Down, down and down I go
I burst and explode
This show’s not over
Till the fat cat purrs
Can someone take care of that string?
I am a fat lazy cat
only hoping to take a nap

Welcome back did you miss me ?


Welcome back,

Did you enjoy the Christmas break ? Have any snow days? did you mange to fight away the flu germs? We ended up with the flu even with flu shots go figure. I couldn’t blog for a few days but now I’m back on track and have some great post lined up for you guys. If you don’t want to miss any post please subscribe.

I was planning on blogging 30 posts this week. One thing after another got in the way. Then we had a appointment for Isabella we met her new therapist and we were able to give a background of everything going on what some issues where and what we would like to work out. I was so thrilled that we are finally going to start moving forward in a direction we need to be going in. I am excited that this therapist even takes Bella’s insurance so Bella now has a person to talk to.

See everyone now officially sees a therapist and is on some kind of med or another. As I say a happy family is a medicated family. Jokes aside I am truly feeling more at peace with knowing we will get a direction we need for Bella she has sensory processing disorder and emotional and physical ADHD. We had a neuro psych evaluation done when she was 5 years old at Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids Michigan. We had to get hospital assistance in order to do so but that evaluation was a great tool that I use when it comes to dealing with doctors and teachers when they want to know of any issues Isabella has.  I am enjoying lots’ of positives at the moment. I felt very many emotions all at once during our first session but over all I think it’s going to be a nice way for Bella to have a place to get out any feelings she may not be expressing so well or trying to communicate to us and we may just be missing it. As parents were not perfect know it all we have flaws and can’t always find the ways to communicate with our children with what works even if we have some of the same issues children seem to not always want to open up to mom and dad and this way she has someone she can trust who will be there to help and guide our family in how to handle Bella’s many quirks that come with sensory processing and both emotional and physical Adhd. Medications in low does only work and go so far yet I see her struggle daily with school and just trying to pick up the life skills she needs.   Yes as I mentioned we all have a therapist my husband sees a therapist I see a therapist each one of the step kids sees a therapist.  I guess if you want to stigmatize us you can go a head but if you want to understand why we all see a therapist it’s because each of us have our own diagnoses to deal with health concerns and then managing life and finding balance for it all is no easy task to do alone but when you have someone else outside the picture telling you things are ok maybe sometimes you start to feel like it really is ok and it could be worst. At least that’s our motto anyways.  Our family is unique just like everyone elses family and it’s perfectly normal to feel not normal. It’s ok to seek someone else to talk to when things get tough. Even when things are going well it’s nice to have a person there to tell you how to keep it that way so you don’t self destruct it all.

This week we are not on routines we have had a ton of snow here in Michigan. It’s been bitter cold and we have had a snow day today. The day before was a early release and Bella woke up with pains in her legs she has mild form of cerebral palsy as well.  Ot and Pt will be starting up regular weekly visits soon, Bella will start to see the gastroenterologist to help with some of her bed-wetting issues because her bladder  and sleeping issues stuff the doctor wants to start with her constipation issues and get that under control first. I found out from children’s special health insurance Bella qualifies for two glasses per year and we need to order a new pair by making a appointment for that, I have to order a small piece for Bella’s leg braces because the small white things are missing making it not as comfy for her to wear her leg braces at night. I have to set up a neurologist appointment we will be going back to Grand Rapids because our neurologist moved from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids I also have to get this all done before April. I go back to U of M with Bella in April for a Ent appointment and hearing test. We also will start speech therapy in the spring at Western.

I was so enjoying the Christmas break we didn’t have many appointments it as a nice break and Hubby and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. We have been married for 8 years. Together for 10 years.  Hubby and I visited a restaurant that is local called the four roses cafe and I loved it I had foods I could eat and food was cooked perfectly. It was nice to get away from the kids for a bit and just have couple time. Being married couple time is important to have to connect and talk about things other then the kids and life’s have to’s.

I got webhosting for Christmas and I all ready had my domain, I been working on some great post for you guys and trying to learn as much as I can about how to make money with a blog and how to network and connect with others. I also have been part of a board for a non profit called Parent to Parent. Hubby and I attend meetings together he’s vice president and I take minutes for the internal committee. I first started to take minutes for the pastor at the church we attend as sectary it is not a paying job but volunteering is our way of giving back while also focusing on something were passionate about which is helping others especially parents of special needs children as we are parents to kids with some special needs.

That’s the update not a awful lot going on. Oh I been doing the 14 week cleaning challenge with Hubby and I have been loving it that is going to be my next post. I’m so thrilled I’m actually going to let you guys see what my kitchen looks like. I of course did not take any photos of the before because my camera was hidden in the cupboards to keep in a safe place so I didn’t loose it. yes you guessed it I found my camera after many months of searching high and low for that thing. There are some photos from when our family visited one of our dear friends and got to meet his girlfriend and spend some time with the rest of the family. I been meaning to email everyone that was there some of the photo’s just haven’t gotten to my camera yet.

Welcome back to school after Christmas break

Welcome back to school after Christmas break

Nominated for the LIEBSTER Award


11 Questions for Nominees:


Liebster-Award- Amanda Ripsam


I didn’t know much about the Liebster Award before being nominated either like the wonderful blogger who nominated me.  I have heard of it briefly in the past I even been nominated on my blogger blog but I didn’t know how to tag other bloggers or share like I do now or even what the Liebster award really could do for a blog like mine. It basically helps give some more exposure and views for my blog and may even generate some followers which is always exciting. I do need more people to subscribe to my blog as I only have 3 subscribers so far. What I love about this award is it’s away for other fellow bloggers tocongratulate each other on their work and a way to learn more about the blogger.  I can also be asked all sort of random questions to find out more about each other. So if you have a question for me just leave a question for me to reply in the comment box.Here are the rules.

  • Link back and recognise the blogger who nominated me (thanks ).
  • Answer 10 questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 inspirational bloggers for the award. ( sorry I only discovered 6 who wanted to take part so far) if you wish for a nomination let me know.
  • Create 10 questions for nominees to answer.
  • Notify my nominees.
First I want to Thank
my lovely blogger friend as she nominated me for the Liebster award.
The rules are you need to also nominate 11 other blogs but I only found 6 other blogs I wanted to share who all have under 200 followers. I have more people following me on Facebook and other social media but I will have to put the word out that I run a blog now. So that’s where the Liebster award comes in it introduces your blog to the blogging community.
 There are some rules to follow you have to put 11 random facts about yourself.
11 Random Facts:
1. I love my family all of them even if some are not so lovable who put me down who call me only when they want something or who never speak to me at all. I always see the good in them and care too much even if I say I don’t.  I keep my distance from some to protect myself from being hurt. I love from a distance
2. I am a immigrant (ok you can stop laughing) I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario Canada.
3. I like time to myself, which I never get unless kids are at school and hubby is at work then it’s trying to clean blog or sleep. I am working on a routine this year which I hope will help me find my balance.
4. I have a father and three of 4 siblings who have a rare genetic disorder. when my brother was 6 years old he passed away. I never got to know my bother other then meeting him a few times. I don’t get to spend time with my siblings since I moved to Michigan but I can’t call or write because I know my father would get upset over it.
5. I need clean and organization or I feel trapped and overwhelmed.

6. I used to get frustrated all the time for no real reasons until I got diagnosed with Adhd and post traumatic stress disorder. I have a therapist I see often to help me deal with life in general some people like to use it against me because they don’t understand how can I have post traumatic stress since I was never in the military. Let me tell you read my journey where I share details of my life and you will understand where I have been and how far I have come.
7. My husband works 30 hours in retail and is looking for full time work in computer networking to put his degree to work. If your hiring someone who dose not have a bachelors degree and willing to give him a chance I’ll pimp out my hubby’s computer skills. :)
8. I have so many friends online but very few in real life and I struggle to find balance in my own life let alone make time for many of my friends.
9. I have a long list of things I can’t eat vs things I can eat do to having a rare stomach disorder on top of my rare genetic disorder.  Which is my reason I started this blog. I blog to share my journey to create content that inspires, gives hope and while finding balance I long for balance. I may look like I have it all under control or all together but I really am just trying to put one foot in-front of the other with out tripping over my own feet.  Which I have done once before and ended up using crutches.
10. My hubby has a rod in his leg. He had a spiral fractor in fibia and tiba and it was a long hard few months which lead him to loosing his job before he got this job he has now (remember the 30 hours a week retail job) after his caregiver job was ended we had where else to live but pastors home lived there for a year and a few months we now have our own place in a two bedroom apartment we lived in a camper in the pastors yard until the weather was bad and then shared a room. It was the hardest part of our marriage but with faith and love for one another and a higher being watching our backs when our backs was up against the wall we manage to keep the kids provided for and fed never missed a meal and we have our own apartment it’s a two bedroom in a good area in a small town in Michigan.
11. I love getting all decked out with makeup and hair and fashion has always been a passion that has been on the back burner for years. I was working in a hairstylist apprenticeship in high school and a few years out of high school only to land a job working with Jie Matar as a assistant one of the most learning experience I have been fortunate to have. I look back at that 21 year old me and see this 31 year old me and wow the two of us are so very different.  Life is a journey and this blog is about mine and my family’s journey.

Then you have to answer these 11 questions

11 Questions for nominees

1. If you could choose a different name for yourself what would it be? Elizabeth I really love my middle name.
2. What book are you currently reading? I am not reading a book currently I know shocking I have been focused on blogging and reading other people’s blogs instead of books.
3. How long do you spend on social media? Too much time I need to cut back that amount to be both more productive in blogging and real life.
4. What is your all time favorite television show? I don’t have a favorite there are a few my hubby and I watch together that we can’t miss. I’m really liking Madame Sectary a women in charge in office (how it should be right?)
5. What is your favorite blog post you have written?
6. What is your favorite blog by someone else? You really want me to pick just one blog? How is that fair? I have loved so many different blogs.
7. What are your top 5 favorite Apps? I use Google calendar and it’s synced to both mine and my hubby’s phone. We can keep tabs on each others appointments and set up appointments around what is going on instead of double booking. It’s free and super easy to use.
6. What is your top new year’s resolution? Organize and get routines set in place.
7. Who or what inspired you to blog? I was bed rested and sick when I started blogging. I couldn’t do much but rest and heal I was very much in a dark place of my diagnoses of gasteroparies and wanted to focus on a project but had very little physical energy to do much of anything because of the pain and until I got the pain managed I blog on blogger as a hobby at first and to share the product reviews. Now I use it as a tool to connect with other special needs parents, I use it to share our medical journey, I love how far and how much my blog grew over on blogger that I know it wont be long before I start to see some more positive daily view numbers on my blog soon.
8. Where (country) would you most like to visit? I want to visit my home country (Canada I have been enduring the immigration process for years now and it’s so frustrating considering I am married to an American and I have an American child I speak English and even blend in very well I don’t even have a accent any more. I had sent paper to the wrong place and because of that I am in a holding place of paper work pending status. I’m in limbo while the others who have been here with out having to do it the way I did and spend as much as I have get a free ride.  I long to visit my family and friends, I have missed baby’s being born to friends I have known for years, I have missed out on weddings and deaths of family the hardest funeral to miss out on was my own baby brothers funeral do to immigration restrictions. I’m looking forward to this ordeal being finished. So I can move forward but focusing on other area’s in my life is what this time has allowed me to do.
9. What do you think you will be doing in 5 years? I will be a author, I will be speaking and not be fearful to do so in public, I will be doing interviews and even making my own income traveling all over with green card in hand and driving as I don’t know how to drive. When I lived in Toronto Ontario I never needed to learn.
10. What is one random thing that makes you happy? Writing and being in my quite place.
11. Who is your biggest inspiration in your life? My daughter and all her health issues stays so insanely content and happy my drive and passion to keep her from the life of what I have experienced so she will never know the pain I have endured growing up. Bella our daughter is my driving focus and my reason next too of course my hubby they are tie and my family.

Then you list 11 other bloggers who have less then 200 followers.


Now here are my questions for my nominees.

  1. Who would the primary reader (subscriber) of your blog be?
  2. Do you understand the key informational needs of that person?
  3. Are you hanging out online other then blogging ? list your social media links here.
  4. Are you leaving comments on other blogs ?
  5. What type of blog is your blog ?
  6. Do you have any other hobbies besides blogging ?
  7. What is your ultimate goal in starting a blog? In one year from when you start blogging, how will your blog be different ?
  8. What do you want to tell your readers?  (what’s your story?)
  9. Where will you be 5 years from now ?
  10. BONUS – What is your favorite type of foods ?


Congratulations to all my nominees I think each and every one of you are amazing! Sorry I could only come up with 5 but if you wish to be listed here simply leave me a message with your blog link if you have less then 200 followers.

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I can’t wait to read all the answers that the girls come up with.  I hope this post offered you a chance to get to know me a little bit better. It’s your turn. I want to get to know you. If you were nominated leave your link in the comments  below so I can check out your reply’s. If you wish to be nominated please leave your name and a blog link in the comment box.


22q, DiGeorge, Vcfs, Velocardio facial syndrome, one family copes with 22q, my story, Amanda RIpsam story,

22q, DiGeorge, Vcfs, Velocardio facial syndrome, one family copes with 22q, my story, Amanda RIpsam story,