mommiesquietplace now has a grab button

mommiesquietplace now has a grab button if you grab it let me know.

I am so excited it was not as hard as I thought it would be to make it. Usually doing anything with HTMl and coding makes me want to smash my keyboard in and walk away from my computer and not even look at it for days but I found a way to do it with a link I found on Pinterest.  I haven’t asked to share the person’s link on how to do it yet so I will not post the link to it but here’s a hit if you go to my Pinterest account it’s one of my most recent pins.

My next goal is to figure out how to get a about me picture up on the top right of my blog. Then I want to make a custom header and add some different fonts and grapics to make the blog a bit more visually appealing. I have so many ideas for blog post for the new year but I want to get the look of it down before I get the content out.

So what do you think of the grab button I made ? I need honest critics please. :)

Mail Call: I can’t believe it’s not Butter-Smiley360

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned below free for review purposes only.  All opinions are 100 percent my own.

Mail Call: I can’t believe it’s not Butter-Smiley360

Smiley360 mail call.  I can't believe it's not butter

Smiley360 mail call.
I can’t believe it’s not butter

Mail Call: I got a coupon for Free I can’t Believe it’s not Butter from Smiley360. A website where I get products to try out in exchange for my 100% honest review.

I all ready use I can’t believe it’s not butter I’m going to have to run to Meijers or Wall-mart soon to pick up this butter with my coupon for Free I can’t believe it’s not Butter.

This is a healthy way to get the same flavor of butter with out the extra calories or fat that’s in regular butter.

In-fact my doctor suggest I can’t believe it’s not butter to add on things I would normally use butter with. I  use it when I make things like Mac n Cheese.

I have been using I can’t believe it’s not butter since the start of my illness with gasteroparises. and I love the fact that I was picked  all I have to do is go to a grocery store where they sell I can’t believe it’s not butter. The only stores in my area are Hardings, Wall-mart, Aldis, Target, or Meijers. I sure hope I can find it and use the coupon.

Note: I am going to edit this post after I pick up the butter. I will add a photo of what the product it’s self looks like when I pick it up. I plan on doing grocery shopping tomorrow.


How I get free products in my mail box. Top 3 sites I use. -Reviews

How do I get those free products in my mail box?

I have been doing product testing and reviews long enough that I no longer review small sample products.

I found that by the time a sample comes to my home the packing is all yucked up and I can’t review them anyways because to fully review a product one little dab of this or that will just simply not give me enough time to try out the product.

I now only accept full size products and I love to do product or service reviews that help the majority of my readers who are moms to special needs children.  I even love doing local reviews and international reviews. I enjoy almost all kinds of products home decorating, hair and makeup, kids, food, drinks you name it as long as it’s family friendly.


I do a series on my Facebook called mail calls.

Every now and then I get amazing products to review get to keep them in exchange for review of the products I get. I love it and my friends have mentioned they love reading about the goodies I get.       WP_000753

This is a water filter called Everydrop I love getting creative products that are fun to use and new test out.


My 100% honest reviews have been such a hit that I decided to do a few more reviews in the future so I’m open to review invites from companies. I am only reviewing full size products.

This shaving cream worked like a charm it didn’t dry or cause my fair sensitive skin to freak out on me and it smelled so good.

I usually can’t use products that have fragrance in them. I loved the mandarin orange fragrance this was from Croudtap.

Personalized photo magnets
Personalized photo magnets

 I was contacted by Picsticks to do a review on their awesome fridge magnets.


As Seen On Tv had sent me some great products.


I am sad to say that we lost The flash light buddy on a trip I’m not sure which one of our trips but this guy helped Bella sleep and shoppingnot be scared to go potty at night we had to buy a replacement.

The Pop chief has made a lot of wondeful creations with fruit in this house also works well on pb n j sandwiches.

candlereview2I was personally contacted to do Jewelry in candle review and it smelled so wonderful I love pumpkin smells and I also got a pretty ring out of it.


Tessimo is something I won from a sweepstake form AllYouReaityCheckers  I am part of a pannel of readers who read AllYou and get to try out new products.

The cozy mug was from another company that contacted me to personally to do a review for them. It was my favorite mug until my step son broke it by accident doing the dishes.

Now the Top 3 sites I get products to review.

  • BzzAgent- my username is mandy2012. In the past three years I have been with BzzAgent I have a long list of products I have reviewed for them. Partly why I love the fact I am a blogger now. I get to finally put my reviews on a data base on my site to 10636846_10154719341895375_624959049105919415_oshare with my friends all the great stuff I get for free in the mail. I have not ever had to pay for anything not even shipping to get free items. I never get spam emails from them and no awful phone calls. This company just likes to have word of mouth marketing and I’m so glad I decided to join. My page of products I reviewed is 3 pages deep. I also earn points for Mypoints another site that rewards you but I have never cashed out with Mypoints yet. take survey’s to qualify.
  •     Smiley360- My user name is Amanda Ripsam. I have joined this site a year ago.. Keep a look out I’m going to do a review for I can’t believe it’s not butter. I get                                                                      products for free unnamedWP_000834shipped in a box directly to my house to review. I do golden turkeyhave to take survey’s to qualify. The most recent product I got to review is Chapstick the double end day and night I love products they have sent me. I also learned how to Brine a Turkey with soy sauce. I didWP_000843 have to buy the turkey for this one but it was Thanksgiving of last year that I did it so we all ready had a turkey to do this with.  Other then the chapstick I also got cold sore medicine.


Purple nail polish sinful colors

Purple nail polish sinful colors, I got a few others from Influenster from other VoxBoxes

  • Influenster- User name is Amanda R . They have survey’s and based off your answers you get customized boxes that they think you will love filled with products from all different kinds of company’s usually with a theme. I get products that are mostly hair and beauty products to review but that’s because I have a secret obsession of hair and beauty products. My last box from them was called the ModaVoxBox I think it was my favorite box yet. It takes a while but every so often they send some great stuff to try. I have since been more active on their site as they changed things around and it’s easier to find things on their website.

If you search the internet there are thousands of companies that want bloggers to test products even if you are not a blogger but want to test out products to review there is a huge list of sites all cluttering Google at the moment.

That’s why I posted the Top 3 very simple to use sites to get you started.

Have you joined any of these sites?

If you have let me know I love to read other bloggers reviews as well.  As a blogger there are company’s that will contact you directly about a product review or you can contact company’s by writing a pitch letter to them.

This is the top picks of 2014 of some of my favorite products I have received in the mail for free in exchange for a review.
You may have noticed not all of my reviews are up on my new

I was learning the blog

world and it’s process and now that I finally  figured out what I’m doing with the help of some of my blogger pals.

I’m happy to announce that I have my  domain pointing at my blog but I have webhosting up and running. is ready to start new. GoDaddy had a cyber Monday deal I couldn’t pass up.

Product reviews have been such a huge hit along with my story and updates on Bella and my health issues. We recently were at the U of M twice and I will post about the outcome of the trips after the holidays are over. We are all set for Christmas even have our tree up and ready for lot’s of wonderful new exciting things to happen in 2015.
I’m very excited to share the learning process I am personally doing with everyone.
My question for you today is what was the last product you reviewed and what company did you get it from?  If you don’t do product reviews are


you ready for Christmas? We are we have our tree up and apartment decorated. I’ll post pictures soon.



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Thanks for checking out my blog.

What to expect this week on mommiesquietplace.

Hello everyone.



 Amanda Ripsam


Here is what you can expect from my blog this week.

I am going to be adding my affiliates back but instead of the widgets being on the right of the page
I am going to put the affiliate widgets down on the bottom of the page.
What are affiliates it’s place where I get products to review on my blog. One of the hobbies I have had for a long time is testing and reviewing products on different sites. I will post the affiliate links on the bottom of my page and post a blog post of a list of affiliate links so you too can join them as well and try to get some products to test and review. I have been asked so often how do I get free items in my mail box and I’m going to finally share my secrets with everyone.

If you interested in how to get products to review please keep a look out for that post this week. I haven’t decided what day I will post it but I will be adding affiliate links to the bottom of my page for everyone to see them and for companies to be able to find

It’s a bitter sweet process but hang with me and I will create some helpful tips on how you can review products like I do.

If you want to know what are some of the products I have reviewed are I have posted a few from my previous blog for you to see. I decided to just keep a small list of some of the favorite items I have posted as I want to focus on all the products I will get in the future to not have this long list of products that I all ready tested and reviewed.
If you like to see even more of the products I have reviewed or tested please check out my social media links.
Do you have any questions about product reviewing or testing?
Leave a comment in the comment box.






Welcome to mommiesquietplace

Hello everyone I’m very happy to announce that I have webhosting and my domain is up and running.

Welcome to

Inspiration hope balance and compassion
Sharing my story with others I am raising my voice to help support anyone who is affected by a rare genetic disorder.
My goals for this blog are to create content that inspires hope balance and compassion in the lives of people affected by a rare genetic disorder.

Welcome to mommiesquietplace


About me

About Blogger:
Name: Amanda Ripsam
Age: 31
Location: Michigan
Marital Status: Married
Children: Three teen step children and our 7 year old daughter

Blogger, Amanda Ripsam

Blogger, Amanda Ripsam


Born and Raised in Toronto Ontario Canada.
I now live in Michigan, with my husband, our special needs daughter and three step children who are teenagers.
I use my blog, Mommies Quiet Place, as a vehicle to help other people cope with special needs.
I try to find my quiet place during my own diagnoses and started this blog to help others. I share products I review, my story and mine and my daughter’s medical journey. I look forward to working with you.

For businesses:
I am PR-friendly! If you are looking for someone to test or review your products, host/promote giveaways.
Write to me here with subject line blog interest

You can find me here as well

PicStick Reveiw of product and service.

Personalized photo magnets
Personalized photo magnets



By: Amanda Ripsam

Upload your photos from your computer, phone, Facebook or Dropbox and have them printed as glossy magnetic pictures – the perfect photo gifts.

I think PicStick is a great fast convenient way to have pictures of some of your favorite family memories right there on display on your fridge.  I even have some photos I uploaded from my phone and stored on Facebook right up there on my fridge. My favorites of my hubby and I some of my siblings and  my wedding photo and photo’s of the kids. there is some green pixelation I’m not sure what that was about so it got knocked down from 5 stars to 4 just for that. I think quality of products is important and my readers know I always give my 100% honest feed back on my reviews. That being said I am so excited that it was a simple process with out a bunch of personal questions asked on their forms. I loved that they just needed my name and address NO credit card was asked at all during this process but there was a place if I had wanted to customized it some more I could add my card if I so choose too which I just may at a later date if they fix  the pixelation. As a former photo lab tech I used to process photos in a photo lab.  Pictures are my thing so are cameras  of course I jumped at the chance of doing review for Picstick. That stuff really pops out to me and makes me happy when I see I can offer my readers a piece of something that is a fun passion hobby like photography and anything related. I got a little giddy. My readers are moms to kids of all kinds and what mom don’t like photo’s of their kid or grandma or aunt. As you can tell I was thrilled it was a related product that I could pass along to my readers.

I did love when I contacted them how fast and friendly their customer service response was and it wasn’t automated but a very polite and fast customer service rep.   A+  on customer service as you know from my reviews I don’t just give out customer service ratings easily I’m kinda harsh on that because I used to work in customer services and only expect the best and that is what you get from start to finish with PicStick.  the photo other than the pixalization is fair and when it’s up on the fridge it looks great as you can tell from the photos I order an shared on my blog.

I really was impressed that a UK based company was able to send my  magnetic photos to me in two days.  I’m actually going to order more the price was very affordable and I loved having the choice to pick my pictures from Facebook.

Here’s the best part PicStick knew my readers would want to order some photos magnets too and I was able to offer my readers a personalised 25% discount code (AMAN25)

Just go to their site order your photo magnets and you will get 25% off your order as long as you enter the code I posted in this blog.

Their website

Their Facebook page

Their Twitter account

What do you think of my Photo magnets ?

Influenster Moda VoxBox Review

Influenster Moda VoxBox Review

 By Amanda Ripsam
I have provided pictures of the stuff I got in my ModaVoxBox on my Instagram account.
I like to take pictures as soon as I open the box my apartment has a lot of sun light in it. As you can tell this box is full of free goodies just waiting for me to test them out!
     I was so excited I got another VoxBox from Influenster!  Before I started blogging I had gotten a few boxes from Influenster and this is the Moda VoxBox it is packed with great products to review and test for free in exchange for giving your thoughts on the products they send you.
For those who aren’t familiar, Influenster is an online community that brings people and brands together.  You can share opinions and experiences about brands/products as well as ask questions.  They often send out what they call a VoxBox which are complimentary products for testing purposes.  If you love trying new products you should definitely check them out, I have 20  invites left if you need a invite just send me a private message with your email as they need a email address to generate the invite so they can inform you of their boxes and you fill out a survey to see if you qualify for a box. You don’t have to be a blogger to get a box as I have gotten them before I was a blogger I just think it’s fun to share the goodies I get with my friends. Consider it me trying to get my good karma.
Resource Spring Water - This water is 100% natural spring water with naturally occurring electrolytes. It had great taste I mean for water come on how hyped up can you get over water ? But if you read my blog post on how I use resource to refresh you’ll see that my Bella got really excited and stole my bottle of water and that’s why there is no water bottle picture of it outside my box.
I love the bottle was made of 50% recycled plastic. Resource also started a service where they deliver water to your house!  It is not available in my area but you should check and see if you can, it would be great for it to just be delivered!
Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner it is a clear lip liner so you can use it with any shade!  the great part about clear lip-liners is it helps prevent your lipsticks from bleeding on to the lower or upper part of your lips where your skin meets. You know when your out and you have a friend point out your lipstick is smeared, yep I been there before. I love how clear lip-liners help guide the lipstick to stay put in it’s place owning lipstick like it’s it’s boss. ok yes I’m a makeup junkie it’s total confession time. Not many of my friends know this about me while now you do. check out the link to the picture I took it’s up on my Instagram account.
Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick – This lipstick does it’s job and it does leave your lips feeling great it has a really bright red shade if your into that kind of thing. My husband said it looked great on me but I think he was just trying to be sweet and following the rules a happy wife a happy life and trying not to point out how bright red against my very pale skin made me look off it just wasn’t my color It was a nice shade maybe for someone else. There is a shade that I want it so I might just go out and get the one I really want. This will be added to my stock pile I’m sure.                 Me wearing the red lipstick
Puffs SoftPack – These are great, love the soft-pack to throw in a diaper bag or in the car.  It is the season for colds so these are definitely in high demand around here!  When I got back from my trip this box was waiting for me I think Influenster knew that I was going out on Halloween and would end up sick for the next week as I have all ready used up more then have the package. My husband and I played catch with it while making the kids eye roll their eyes telling us to act our ages. I just can’t seem to win with the kids I’m too old or acting too young. gotta love teens and a 7 year old who mimics them.
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin Curves Mascara –  I love trying new mascaras so I was really excited to see this in the box!  This mascara has an awesome applicator brush that really coats the lashes.  I like the formula and found my eyelashes really were bold with this mascara.

Like wow factor here people. I have pale blond eye lashes and eye brows and you really can’t see my eyes with out a bit of makeup on. Very black usually isn’t my color I’m more of a navy blue or brown but I really can rock the black mascara I was impressed I had black mascara and red lipstick on and hardly knew who I was when I looked in the mirror. Great stuff it didn’t clump too much and it was not drying on my lashes my sensitive eyes didn’t freak out about it either I’m rather sensitive to make up so it’s awesome when I get to test some products out before I buy. I think I have a new favorite mascara.

Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask – This is a new product that you will be able to find at Target.  It has ingredients like honey and apricot oil to protect and really moisturize your hair.  I blow dry and dye my hair a lot and I use hair masks to replenish moisture, so this is a amazing to get I was excited about this and you know it’s great when your step son get’s out of the shower and says hey mom that stuff in the shower hair food as he questions it’s name it’s pretty good made my hair feel great. I guess it didn’t have too much of a girly smell for him not to want to try it. I thought hey this can be used for both guys and girls.  We have a new favorite hair product in our house it also has no paraben’s in it or minneral oils. I think that’s a plus in my opinion. Have I ever told you that I was  a hairstylist apprentice when I lived in Toronto I’m almost sure I have. In-case you didn’t know what Paraben’s were here is Wiki’s answer to it.
  • Paraben
    Chemical Compound
  • Parabens is a term used within the vernacular of the specialty chemicals industry to describe a series of parahydroxybenzoates or esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid. Parabens are widely used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
    In english the same chemicals used in floor wax to make the floor shiney are not in this shampoo. yes for health conscious hair products something I can get excited about even just a little.
Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa –  Everyone in my house loves a nice cup of cocoa.  Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa has only five ingredients You have to make it with milk. My daughter also stole this and enjoyed this with her after school snack and I don’t have a photo of it other then in the box. I like to add marshmallows how about you ?
Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer -  With fall and winter comes dry skin and this little travel sized bottle will be easy to throw in a purse in fact I think that’s where mine went off to in my bottom less pit I will have to do a clean out of it some day and show you my Jergens bottle. I love Jergens.
 By Amanda Ripsam
  that’s the  break down of all the products included in the Moda VoxBox from Influenster.   Did you receive the Moda VoxBox? What did you think?

Disclosure – Products above were received free of charge for reviewing purposes.  No monetary compensation was received for my review and all opinions are 100% my own.

Book Review. Missing Genetic Pieces by Sherry Baker Gomez and Illustrated by Kas Winters- a review by Amanda Ripsam

Book Review. Missing Genetic Pieces by

Sherry Baker Gomez and Illustrated by Kas

Winters- a review by Amanda Ripsam

Missing Genetic Pieces Strategies for living with VCFS Vel- Cardio-Facial syndrome The Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion DiGeorge syndrome. 22q. By Sherry BaKer Gomez and Kaz Winters.

I was given a digital copy of this book in exchange for my own thoughts and feelings about this book. My thoughts are 100% my own.

I had caught up with kas Winters she is the owner of 

A blog that is a resource of creative sneaky ideas for parents. This blog comes with tips and tricks both educational and developmental skills to help children have fun while learning or eating their green veggies with out the fuss.

Kas Winters also host a blog talk radio show called sneaky mom and has a huge choice of digital books for sale.


Join Kas Winters, The Mother of Family Ideas, and Word of Mom Radio Host, Dori DeCarlo, on the First Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. EST, as they discuss ideas for moms who are raising toddlers through teens.


@KasWinters    on    #WordofMomRadio

Kas is one amazing author and Illustrator I’m not sure how she finds the time to write and do all she does. Kas is truly an inspiring women and I am able to call her my dear friend.

Kas has become like a mentor to me even us mentor’s need a mentor of some kind right ? Kas is one of many that I hold near and dear to me even though we have never met face to face.

I have always wanted to publish and write a book. One of the many things we have in common is our love for writing. Our connection grew stronger after I shared my story with her about my own medical journey having VeloCardioFacialSyndrome, DiGeorge syndrome, 22q11.2 deletion Kas has an amazing talent/gift and saw my own tallents as well.

Maybe someday, I will have my story up as a digital copy for you to purchase.

Let me stop rambling of her greatness for a bit, share with you a valuable resource for parents who are experiencing the emotional roller-coaster that comes with a medical journey of having a child with a rare genetic disorder.

Not just any genetic disorder but one that is confusing with multiple symptoms and many names. When you are in the mist of discovering and learning about your child’s medical condition I always tell people I talk with that it is best to read books that are medical based on the symptoms to help better you as the best parent you can  advocate for your child with the right knowledge and resources in hand to pass to doctors who are not knowledageable about this rare genetic disorder even be able to pass it on to teachers and other professionals who are working closley with you and your family.  The books parents seek are ones that you can look for answers,guidance and hope.

What if I told you there are books written with amazing support and one you can connect with that also has medical answers to some of the questions you’re seeking. Like those quirks Bella has are called sensory processing disorder not her acting out but her trying to figure out how to cope and manage her body being over loaded by environmental factors that she has no clue how to deal with. How would you like to hear first hand stories of other parents who have experience life with a child with a rare genetic disorder sorry adults there isn’t much about adults with it in this book but that’s where this blog comes in handy. I have this disorder and I can stand behind this book and suggest it to parents who are just entering life of the 22q world.

Kas helped Illustrate the book but it’s Sherry Baker Gomez who this story is of her medical journey with her son.

Kas personally knows the author Sherry Baker Gomez who wrote the book Missing Genetic Pieces. Sherry has a son who is 25 at the time of the books publication who is just a bit younger than myself who also has VCFS 22q deletion Velo-cardio-facial- syndrome.

I too am an adult like her son I am 31 one years old and I say there isn’t much in this book about adults with it because the storys are of parents with children with it as well as her son who yes is a adult but it’s about his struggles she has had growing up and some of the struggles she has with as a adult but as each person is different with this disorder this is only one aspect of what adulthood can be like my blog is another aspect as you can see after reading both the two worlds are so different yet the same in some areas. I admire Sherry’s strength as a mom and advocate  but her son has more of the complex medical issues then I have had to experience with VCFS 22q. Sherry Baker even explains how each of us are affected by it in different ways.

I found myself compelled reading this book I couldn’t put it down during my trip to Missouri I got told to put my phone away a few times during church services with my cellphone in my hand reading the book trying to discover if her son had a journey similar to my own. He too has had simular issues I have had but so many other issues I have haven’t and I have had issues he had not have. Someday I would love to meet the two and shake their hands and give hugs.

You may not have as much time on your hands to read it back to back like I did but once I get hooked on a book that is a long read full of medical symptoms I soak it up like a sponge with my visual memory.

I loved the medical information that goes along with the story of what her son went though Sherry help explain in simple people terms and not doctor jargon.  Sherry’s story touched my heart and I connected with her on so many levels without even having to meet her, I understood where she was coming from her feelings and her frustrations because not only am I an adult with 22q VCFS DiGeorge but I am a mom to a child who also has 22q VCFS DiGeorge.

I love how she explains in her book that not any two people with 22q vcfs digeorge are a like and that is what I have tried to express to the online community for years to see it in writing was just a great moment for me of validation reading her story will give you validation and a source of hope that if she can make it you can too.

With all I’ve read you can now see why I can personally stand behind this book and suggest this book as a valuable parenting tool for new parents who are just stepping on the same path and entering the life of living with 22q vcfs Digeorge.

Sherry Baker offers a list of resources, lot’s of guidance on how she managed, hopes that it inspires parents to be able to cope and become more compassionate towards their 22q VCFS DiGeorge children.

From the time children are born and frail to their teen years and adult hood when we as 22q vcfs Digeorge become independent and start living on our own. I only wish I had parents like her growing up. I felt the love she has for her son the continue support she offers him. I sure hope he knows how lucky he has it with her as a momma bear standing up for him.

The Missing Genetic Pieces is a book that I will be referring anyone of the parents I mentor to read.  I get to help promote this amazing resource tool. 

There is not a lot touched on Adults with 22q but that is because the community as a whole does not know or understand adults like myself with VCFS 22q and often have pre concieved ideas and I hope this book continues to help spread awareness for all people dealing with 22q not just for children and their families but everyone who knows or should know about VCFS 22q. 

  As an adult looking for answers this may not be the book for you.  If you are an adult with a child who has VCFS 22q there is a lot of helpful tips and resources or if you’re a parent with out 22q after being told your child has been positive for 22q and you find out you are not positive for it this offers hope and guidance.

over all I rate this book a 5 out of 5.